At the Golden Rule Christian Academy, we are passionate about the development of your child. Our passion is fueled by the belief that one child, placed in a safe, happy environment that reflects a diversity of culture through an array of enriching materials, images and activities, can positively change a family. That family, in turn, can change a community; and, that community can positively change a city--into a city with the power to change the world! This is why the Golden Rule Christian Academy is committed to a progressive, yet paced, curriculum and methodology for developing children. And, it is why we ascribe to the Keystone Stars' superior standards for early childhood education. Read More

Our Programs

We follow the developmentally-appropriate approach to academia that is based on a thoroughly-researched curriculum consisting of observations and assessments which help us to devise intentional learning opportunities for your child. These opportunities for intentional learning stimulate growth and satisfy a child’s need to explore. Read More

Our toddler program is set up with the age-appropriate materials and specialized equipment necessary to support the physical and cognitive development of your baby. Toddlers are tenderly guided in using the equipment by our highly trained and enthusiastic teachers who lovingly nurture your toddler. Read More

It is a proven fact that children learn through play. At the Golden Rule, our preschool classrooms feature learning centers that allow each child to independently explore their interests--through play--at different times throughout the day. These developmentally-appropriate learning centers are intentionally designed to hold your preschooler's attention long enough to glean fascinating information about their world. Read More

At Golden Rule, we understand the multi-faceted needs of school-age children; on one hand, they need refreshment after being penned up in classrooms all day. On another, they have homework that needs to be completed and checked. Read More