It is a proven fact that children learn through play. At the Golden Rule, our preschool classrooms feature learning centers that allow each child to independently explore their interests–through play–at different times throughout the day. These developmentally-appropriate learning centers are intentionally designed to hold your preschooler’s attention long enough to glean fascinating information about their world.
Preschoolers also gain the invaluable social-emotional skills they will need for the next milestone in their development as our caring staff helps them to resolve conflicts by encouraging them to identify their problems and explore solutions for these problems. They also have access to many resources, including the Internet, to help them find answers.
Music and movement are creatively integrated into the program on a daily basis. Preschoolers thrive in routines; so, our program strives to cultivate self-help skills and a sense of community through this dynamic that rounds out the preschool curriculum.