At the Golden Rule Christian Academy, we are passionate about the development of your child. Our passion is fueled by the belief that one child, placed in a safe, happy environment that reflects a diversity of culture through an array of enriching materials, images and activities, can positively change a family. That family, in turn, can change a community; and, that community can positively change a city–into a city with the power to change the world! This is why the Golden Rule Christian Academy is committed to a progressive, yet paced, curriculum and methodology for developing children. And, it is why we ascribe to the Keystone Stars’ superior standards for early childhood education.
As a Keystone Stars site, our primary goal is to create a loving atmosphere filled with plenty of nurturing love coupled with opportunities for sharing, caring and learning where children know that they are welcomed and respected.
We fill a vital need for our society’s working parents by offering a comprehensive program that cultivates sound emotional, intellectual and physical development in the children whom they entrust to our care.


Our Staff

The Golden Rule Christian Academy’s well-rounded program is creatively and effectively put into action by our highly trained and qualified staff, champions of child development.
All members of our staff have appropriate education qualifications and embrace the philosophy of the Golden Rule Christian Academy. The Center is licensed according to the PA Department of Public Welfare’s Rules and Regulations.

A Secure Facility

Surveillance cameras on the premises are used in our educational observations and assessments of children as well as to maintain security.

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